Note: Even though this site may mention my Doctor many times, this site is not an advertisement for him or his medical facility.  I have no financial interests and am not being compensated for any part of this website.

Blog Mission Statement:

To provide a summary, accurate information about Keratoconus that I’ve gained in my journey with the disease that will save time, distress and misunderstanding for others.

Keratoconus Information on the Web: A mixed bag

On the Internet, there is a huge mix of content, and not all of it is worth reading.  Each website owner has their own particular motivation, and you’ll get every extreme described.   I have no motivation other than to share what I’ve learned over the years and ease the burden of others who are looking for answers.

Here are some points about how I put this together:

  • The blog should save time and distress – only “real” Keratoconus information will be here – no “revolutionary” treatments designed for the profit of the eye center.
  • The blog should be skimmable.  You should get 80% of what you need to know in 20% of the time.  If you want to dig deeper, I’ll provide links, etc.
  • The blog should be easy to read with low vision.  I’ll use largish, simple layouts compatible with reduced vision.
  • It should work on mobile phones.  Many will be looking at this site on the go, and that experience should be satisfying.

Comments and Contributions

I will link to good information, but not to sites created strictly for marketing.  I will not post pseudoscientific, alternative and unproven treatments on this site.  These are almost always motivated by profit, ignorance or both.  If I cannot find a reason to believe the information I’m posting has been somewhat vetted, it won’t go online.


I am not a physician and cannot advise you in any way towards the individualized, professional care of a medical doctor.  Everything you read on this site is provided as-is, with the stipulation that it might be wrong for you, or just plain wrong.  I’ll correct what I know to be wrong.

9 Replies to “About this Corneal Surgery / Kerataconus Site”

  1. Hey Scott,
    I stumbled upon your blog in my quest to figure out what to expect during my upcoming transplant surgery (Intralase-Enabled Kerataplasty) scheduled for 19MAY.

    Like you, I have k/c. I underwent my 1st transplant (right eye) back in 1986 – but things have changed so much! My last transplant was done under general anesthesia and required a two-day stay in the hospital. I don’t remember anything of the experience and I’m (mildly) freaked out about the surgical experience to come.

    Reading your blog entries have certainly helped to allay my anxiety – so thanks for sharing the experience.

  2. Thank you for inviting me to your site, Scott! I look forward to sharing experience, strength and hope; as a former contact lens specialist who has worked with corneal disease(s) AND one who lives with the every day problems as well!
    I honestly believe that there is a solution to every problem. Finding them can be a living, hellish nightmare, however. My goal is to work with scott and provide information that leads to solutions… and, well, I just might want to co-miserate on occassion (Ill keep that part brief 😉 )
    Thank you for this opportunity to get to know you all as we “trudge the road to happy vision”.
    As Dr. Mcgregor always says, “20/happy”!

  3. Message to scott. Please don’t just accept that RGP’s are the only option. There are excellent soft lens options which could help you. Try Kerasoft IC I think you might be surprised at the results.

  4. I came across your blog today while scouring the internet for any last minute information before my cornea transplant tomorow morning. Thank you for sharing your journey as it is very reassuring to read from someone who has been there. WIsh me luck! LIsa J

    1. Good luck – please jump back in and let me know how it goes. If you’d like to guest post, I can also arrange that… I’d like to expand my site to include diaries (even if just a few entries) from others.

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