Blurring and Double Vision Again Attributed to Dry Eyes

As a cornea graft recipient, I don’t think I’ll ever totally relax when I have blurring, be it from allergies, medicines or dry eyes.

I’m having more dry eyes than before now, so am keeping Systane with me at night, adding drops anytime I’m even slightly awake.

When I do have a “dry eye pinch” (usually caused by opening my eyes suddenly while they are dry) it can cause me to have blurred vision for 24 hours, which doesn’t make it easy to work!)  So I’m doing all I can to avoid this happening.

I’m reconsidering Restasis again, despite the cost…but Dr. Koffler told me about a dry eye “serum” which can be created from my own blood (really!) and turned into eye drops that lubricate as well as heal.  That sounds amazing, and I assumed it would be horribly expensive but he said it was about the same per-dose use as Systane.

I am giving it serious thought, but for now, my dry eye is fully under control and my vision is sharp.

Also:  No significant changes to my prescription, so have no plans right now to change glasses.


Update: I also have some thoughts that this blurring is also caused by medicine, including Benadryl and Zyrtec.  Apparently these impact one of the muscles that is used for close vision focus.

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