Blurring and Dry Eyes – Not Kerataconus Related

Just made a special appointment today due to a few blurry days in my diary.  This blur, which was kind of like that blur you get after being given an eye anesthetic, was both eyes, so I suspected it wasn’t graft-related, but still, it had me nervous.  I had one day when I could not use the computer normally or see street signs half a block away.  I had a bit of flashback!

After a clean bill of health from Koffler Vision Group, the diagnosis was dry eye, so I’m ramping up the Restasis ($) and systane.   I had them check my eye pressure, look at the optic nerve, and check the corneal thickness.  The Dr. said my graft looked “gorgeous” and I had no worries there.  My vision checked out at 20/30 and I was out of there!

All came out great.  I know I’m hypervigilant and possibly a bit psychosomatic, but I really value my vision.

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