New Sub-lingual Ragwitek medicine therapy started for 2015 season

I’ve started using the daily Ragweed therapy that you put under your tongue, called Ragwitek. ┬áThe medicine is powerful – my tougue and gums near the site I put it swelled up and such for the first week or so, then things settled down.

All’s well with the eyes – and I’m hoping that this year’s Ragweed season will be easier on me also.

4 thoughts on “New Sub-lingual Ragwitek medicine therapy started for 2015 season

  1. Glad to hear things are going well. Are you on Restasis 2x daily still? How many lubricating drops do you use? I am 3years out and had a lot of problems with dryness. Had punctual plugs inserted and feeling better but still use drops, maybe 4x a day. Thanks Leslie

    1. I use Restasis 1x a day, but only because it stands as a mild defense against a rejection risk increase that allergy immunotherapy causes. My Dr. told me that flu shots and other immunization medicines cause a slight rejection increase risk, and that Restasis can help to mitigate that. I use systane drops perhaps 1x per night, and occasionally a drop or two during the day, but it’s not that common. I’m quite pleased with my dryness situation right now.

    2. Great that all is going so well. I also heard about flu shots possibly increasing risk of rejection but I still got one. Took allergy shots for 3yrs but wasn’t aware about that increasing the risk too. I use Restasis 2x a day and once a day of Lotemax. Still see Dr. Holland and am so grateful for your website. Thanks

      1. Great… thanks Leslie. Dr. Koffler in Lexington is the one who told me about flu shots. Dr. Holland never did mention it, but still had me on Restasis – so was probably thinking about it.

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