Allergies and DALK Transplant – 2014 Season

Well, I’m following in my Dad’s footsteps and my ragweed allergy has increase a lot since last year. Luckily this year it has been mostly nasal, coughing, throat irritation and not as much on the eyes. Still, I’ve played it safe and wore glasses through the worst of it. I’m using’s app to monitor as it seems much more accurate than Zyrtec’s app or

Offensive ragweed  Flickr - Photo Sharing! - Google Chrome_2014-09-16_12-18-52

After first frost, I’m going to get immunotherapy treatments. Hoping it will be tablets or under-the-tongue type, but will need to get tested. I’m waiting because it requires that you have 5-7 days free from antihistamines, and right now, that’s a non-starter. After first frost, ragweed pollen will plummet.

I’ve become more formalized in my contact lens swaps… using my phone appointments reminder to time them and track notes about how they feel at several phases.

Otherwise… eyes are great!

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