My DALK graft checkup – Corrected to 20/15 and Next Appt in 1-year

I just visited Dr. Holland again for a checkup.  I had a topography taken and the staff found that I was correctable to 20/15… yes… 15.   Dr. Holland said that cases like mine put to rest that vision cannot be as sharp for DALK patients.   I wore my glasses to this appointment, and corrected to 20/20 with those.

My graft is quiet and my eye pressure and corneal thickness are fine.  Dr. Holland reminded me of what to look for – light sensitivity and redness in the left eye only.  I watch it like a hawk.  He said I’m out of the major rejection period, but to always assume rejection when symptoms emerge “until proven otherwise.”

I’m to keep using Restasis 2x per day (indefinitely) … I learn a bit more each visit about how beneficial these drops are to preventing rejection.  Expensive but worth it, and better than steroids for someone like me who responds to them with increased eye pressure.

No more appointments for 1 year unless needed.


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8 Replies to “My DALK graft checkup – Corrected to 20/15 and Next Appt in 1-year”

  1. Sounds like everything is great!! Glad to hear about your vision being so sharp. I have finally turned a corner and am feeling more comfortable with the dryness. I was wondering if you have problems at night with starbursts. I have an appointment next week with with Dr. Holland and will mention how bad mine are. I also have a cataract that Dr. Holland needs to remove and he did say that will help my vision. I am still on lotemax and restasis. It has been a long road but am happy in the end that I did it and am so grateful for having such a skilled doctor. Please keep us posted as to how things are.

  2. Hi Scott great news with the vision you have ended up with.what is your prescription and how much astigmatism have you got.? All the best Vinny

  3. I just found your website and it has been really helpful. Thanks! My husband just had DALK surgery (less than 3 weeks ago) to treat a chemical burn to his left eye that he received almost a year and a half ago. We are waiting to find out if my husband’s endothelium is healthy enough or if he will need to have another surgery to have it replaced. His vision is much worse first thing in the morning when he wakes up. The vision improves later in the morning and is best in the evening before bed. After your DALK surgery, did you ever notice your vision being worse in the morning? I am curious if you (or Leslie or any of the other readers) have experienced this? I am wondering if there is another reason for this besides a poorly functioning endothelium.

    1. Yes, after my DALK there were many fluctuations within the first months of healing, but it stabilized after a year. Fluctuations were unpredictable then, but now, I can’t say I have better or worse vision morning or evening, other than just normal tired eyes when I’ve been up a long time. The weeks following DALK (or PK) can definitely be a roller coaster. Good surgeons and doctors understand this. Give it (and yourselves) time and comply with the recovery regimen. Modern medicine is amazing. Good luck with your recovery!

      1. Hi Scott I have had a pk astigmatism high just wondering what yours is and your prescription for your glasses cheers vinny

  4. I’m hoping you will get this message tonight. Although the messages I have read are from last year. But worth a try. My partner had a transplant yesterday and came home today. Have been doing the drops every two hours. Which he has had since the surgery. But I need to know if I have to continue it through the night or not. Have called the hospital, who were not completely convincing. But they did say yes to continue through the night until Tuesday. Seems a long time. Do you remember what you had to do when you first had it done. If so please share
    Thank you

    1. I’m sorry, I cannot provide any recommendations on medication. You need to speak with your doctor. I cannot recall my regimen, however I followed my Dr’s advice to the letter.

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