3-D Movies after Corneal Transplant

With Keratoconus in my left eye, I had pseudo-3d vision.  My right eye was doing the lions share of sharp vision, while my left eye was trying hard to give a blurry depth to it all.  But for the most part, I was monocular.

When my wife, kids and I had popped in to a “Bug’s Life in 3D” movie at Disney around 10 years ago, I could not see the effects.  I had since looked at a 3d movie or two on TV and still, nothing.



But since my surgery, I’m fully binocular.  So my wife and I decided to go see “Gravity” in 3D last night.  You might say it’s the first 3D movie I’ve seen since, well, ever.  It was a lot of fun to wear the glasses and see the various objects spinning outside the screen.  The movie was pretty good (I got hung up on how Sandra Bullocks’ escape pod was pointing in the right direction when she fired the thrusters and other physics problems) and I enjoyed the evening with my wife.

I look forward to seeing the new Hobbit movie or other 3d movies soon.

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