Have a Graft? In the Aisle Seat? Cover Your Eyes While Passengers Seating/Deplaneing!


I do a bit of business travel, and I always ask for the isle seat.  I also carry a small overnight bag and laptop bag, checking anything else.

Since my corneal transplant, I have become acutely aware of the hazard to my eye/graft caused by inconsiderate passengers coming through the isle or packing their luggage into the overhead bin.  The problem has gotten out of control with the airlines charging $25-50/bag for checking.  People are bringing everything they can onto the plane – even knowing that they’ll likely not fit (and require *free* gate checking, possibly delaying the flight.)

Twice in a recent trip did I get hit on the head by the bottom of a roll suite case, a laptop and in one case, some kind of strange musical instrument.

So, if you have a graft, I suggest that you cover your eye while people lumber down the isle with all manner of luggage.  I actually put my head down on my recent flight – taking a hit to the back of my neck!  I’m considering wearing my safety glasses!

photo: USA Today

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2 Replies to “Have a Graft? In the Aisle Seat? Cover Your Eyes While Passengers Seating/Deplaneing!”

  1. Hi Scott,
    Left a message on previous post. I tried link in email to let you know I wanted you to keep posting but it didn’t work. Anyhow, how long did it take for your eye to feel ok after last stitches were removed? I know you said you took a pain pill. It kind of worries me as I am just now going to get stitches removed after one year. Also did your dryness go away? Any information is helpful. Just got my bandage lens removed and in a month start removal of stitches. Thanks

    1. It took around 48 hours… I took the pain med after the numbing meds wore off, but I only took the one. The next day things felt much better and Tylenol did the trick. In almost every case removing the stitches was nearly painless… only the last few hurt a bit. I think this is because they were “entrenched.” I still have some dryness at night. Thanks for the comment about continuing.

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