Pre Holiday Update – New Contacts Prescription

Okay this will be a short one as I’m heading home to be with family for the holiday.

After having the most recent set of sutures out, the shape of my eye shifted (as predicted) so I needed new lenses.  This presents a challenge for fitters, but one thing has made the difference… The “auto-refractor”…a device that helps contacts fitters get “close” quickly using a computerized measurement.  If your eye care provider is not using one, ask about it.

Using that piece of equipment has helped my fitter get closer to my vision needs than she seems to be able to do with manual adjustments.  Then, after the device has spit out its numbers, she refines it to the last degree by hand.  My numbers shift rather radically over time.  I previously went to see my fitter within a few days of the suture removal, and then again today (3 weeks later.)   My vision had shifted even more – so next time I will wait longer before making a fitting appointment.

I did have one nagging quality issue with the lenses – two of them got little notches around the rim for no apparent reason.  It created a mild itch, and when I looked up under the light, I could see it.  Luckily, the manufacturer will stand behind them.  This has me inclined to have an additional backup on hand.  Otherwise I’m thrilled.

A new set of lenses is on order now, to be to me after the first of the year.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. Hi Scott,
    Random question. Did you get a flu shot? I asked Dr. Holland and he said there has been reported rejection after flu shots but not with Dalk. Also said wouldn’t be rejection risk if I got the flu. So just curious where you stand on getting one. Thanks Leslie

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