Graft Looks Great – 2 More Sutures Out (and they were stubborn.)

Well, 4 months elapsed since my last visit to Dr. Holland, so I had an appointment today.  I had the usual check ups and topology.  Their office was a *zoo* … I waited 2 hours.  Thank goodness their office has Wi-Fi and I was able to do some email and watch a bit of YouTube.  Not an empty seat in the waiting rooms – and I had asked for “first appointment of the day.”

My eye pressure was 18, totally normal.  The graft was crystal clear.  No problems.  I complained about my dry eye at night and he suggested I change to a gel based lubricant and gave me some samples.  I’ve used them before and not liked their goopiness.

The topology (right) showed that it was time to remove two more sutures, so I was numbed up and Dr. Holland started the process.  It seemed to take longer than usual to cut and pull them out.  I was stone-still during this process.  Anyway, after the numbing drops wore off, it was pretty sore – yowch!  The sutures seemed to be a bit stubborn.  I think that the longer they’re in, the more they integrate into the tissue of your eye.  I took some Tylenol and started my weekend a bit early

Anyway, the usual Vigamox antibiotic dose for 3 days and go back in 4 months.

Now I will make an appointment to get fit for contacts to match my new Rx (suture removal changed my astigmatism levels.)

postscript:  Eye was completely normal the next day.  No discomfort at all. And I think my vision has improved a bit, especially with my glasses.

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11 Replies to “Graft Looks Great – 2 More Sutures Out (and they were stubborn.)”

  1. Hi Scott,
    I`ve passed a DALK transplant about a year ago and I`ve been following your blog since then – great blog you have :).
    Not unlike you – I’m also expreincing droopy eyelid for quite a while and for now my surgeon tells me to wait with the eyelid correction surgery, I have no idea for how long..
    What is your ptosis situation? Did it get better? What did your surgeon recommend?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Yes, it is much better. I have every reason to think that it will be completely normal over time. I can still notice it slightly in photographs of me. My surgeon recommends that I let it heal itself.

    2. I wanted to invite you to do a guest post on my site. But your experience will help the hundreds of KC people who visit my site each day. I cannot offer compensation other than my gratitude, editing and photo cleanup help. I’m fine with you remaining anonymous or using only first names.

  2. hi. friend …. after how long i can use soft contact lenses after graft it damage the sutures .. 4 month is enough ..i need it to do eye test for onr day then i will remove it ..please help me if you can

  3. Hi Scott, I was wondering about your nighttime dryness. I know you mentioned before you had dry eye prior to surgery but it wasn’t a problem after surgery. Is the dryness a new issue? Is it only at night or is it a problem during the day? Is it due to wearing contacts? I ask because I had Dalk with Dr. Holland in July and am still wearing a bandage lens for the dryness. Dr. Holland promised me it will go away but it has tested me. He promised my eye would feel like it did before surgery. How is your eye at this point in time? Am hoping to hear only good things. Thanks. Leslie

    1. My eye dryness is ONLY an issue at night, and it seems related to humidity. When we started using our natural gas heat, I noticed more dryness. I use a liquid lubricant 1-2x at night which resolves it. During the day my eyes are very comfortable and I rarely use lubricant. I wear soft lenses remember. I’d welcome a guest post about your story if you’d like to tell your story on my site.

      1. Thanks Scott,
        I have had such a tough time with my eye and dryness. It is a relief to hear that it is not a continuing problem for you. I know everyone is different. I see Dr. Holland in January. My issue is better but still causes me discomfort. At the point in time when this is no longer a problem, I will be happy to share my story. Your updates have been very helpful and I am so happy you are doing well. I know in time I will be where you are now and I thank you. Leslie

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