Tiny Update: Soft Lenses Rock

photo (CC) Kate Ter Haar

My newest set of soft lenses are amazing.  Comfortable (16 hours+) and I can see pretty well.  Not quite as crisp as the RGP, but the comfort trade-off is worth it.  My overall vision is amazing.

I’ve ordered a few of these lenses ($50 per pair) which are custom crafted for my topography.  I’m not wanting to order too many because the shape of my eye will probably change a bit more if sutures come out, etc.

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3 Replies to “Tiny Update: Soft Lenses Rock”

  1. Hi there the site is great and informative. I have to get cornea replacement surgery in less than a week and the information here has been invaluable. My surgery will be in the left eye as well. I have had the problem for some time and no insurance (until now) to get this situation corrected. I am hoping for much better vision in my eye and I am grateful for this site to give some advice from a person that has lived it!

    1. Congratulations! It’s a tough decision I know. Thanks for the kind words and good luck on the procedure. Check back in and let me (and the readers) know how it’s going. As you may have seen elsewhere on my site, the first few days will be rough – but just listen to your doc, and take it easy. You will get through it. Don’t hesitate to ask your Doc for some really good pain meds. Don’t worry if you’re “out of it” for a few days. Take care.

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