Little Things: Stargazing

I just went on a 2 week family vacation to CA.  Lots of night driving.  Not a peep out of my contact lens, and never any pain at all and wore them for 14+ hours daily.   We went to Yosemite and at 5000 feet elevation, found a remote field and just went stargazing for a few hours with my kids.  Did you know that most kids never see a starry night?  It was the first time I’d done this since cornea transplant surgery – and it was wonderful.  I had my new soft lens in place and each star was a pinprick.  Meteors, satellites and more.   I imagined my donor out there somewhere.  I think we might join a stargazing group in Lexington.

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  1. Scott, So glad to hear you had a great vacation and your eye gave you no problems. I’m only two weeks out and will be glad to be where you are now. This site has been so helpful. I will post my next checkup results. Thanks Leslie

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