DALK Transplant – Stellar Follow Up + New Soft Lens Trial

photo: Logan Ingalls

Well, it’s been a good week for my DALK recovery.  I went back to Dr. Holland for my graft checkup and he said it was perfect.  I also corrected to 20/20 on their refraction gear.  I had already ordered a new, special soft contact (see last post) and was not able to take it with me to Dr. Holland.  He wasn’t bothered by that and said that if the soft lens worked for me, it would be fine for my eye.

The downside to the soft lens (at least the first one I tried) is it corrected me only slightly better than 20/30.  This means there is room for improvement.  But the comfort is … amazing!   The fitter (Tamra at Dr. Koffler’s office here in Lexington) seems to think that I should wear it for a week and then we may want to correct the power to hit near 20/20.

Other questions answered:

  • Sutures:  We’ll take them out if they degrade.  Otherwise, he said, leave them in for now.
  • Graft Fragility:  I had lots of anxiety about the graft’s fragility, but Dr. Holland told me to quit worrying.  It would take a severe trauma to disturb the graft now that it’s healed up.
  • Rejection Period:  I’m exiting the prime rejection period for DALK.
  • Glasses:  Dr. Holland said to go ahead and make the lenses for glasses.
  • PRK/Lasik is still an option if we cannot make contacts work.   Insurance won’t pay for that in KY (or OH.)
  • If we run into suture issues (e.g. one breaks) we will remove them all at once.
  • He said it was right to stop wearing the RGPs if they were hurting.  He said I should be pain free and use whatever gives that to me.


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9 Replies to “DALK Transplant – Stellar Follow Up + New Soft Lens Trial”

  1. Hi Scott, I left a message on your May post. I am scheduled for transplant with Dr. Holland July 9th. I was given the option of being awake or asleep. He said most patients opt for being awake. So i opted for that. What did you do and what was the experience like. Thanks Leslie

  2. Hi Scott,
    It’s Leslie again. I read your answer re surgery in May’s post. I had the DALK surgery with Dr.Holland on July 9th. I just got back from my second follow-up and he removed the contact. While I wore the contact I felt some discomfort but after removal it feels even more uncomfortable. He said he saw some dryness and I guess this is what I am feeling. I have been putting drops in but they only make the eye feel better for a few minutes. I wondered if you had the same problem with dryness and how long it last. I see Dr. Holland in three weeks. Thanks Leslie

    1. I’m travelling, but yes I felt dryness. I use restasis for dryness even now. You may need the bandage lens a bit longer. Not sure.

  3. Thanks Scott for replying. When you have time I have another question. I feel like there is something in my eye that as the day goes on gets worse. Is that dryness or stitches and did you have the feeling that something was in your eye? If so how long did it last? Is the dryness that you get now a problem? I guess I’m freaking out a little. Just don’t won’t to swap pain for vision. Thanks again!!

    1. In my case the discomfort was all temporary. Dryness. Stitch presence. All went away. It takes a while. Your eyes been through a lot. I’m pain free and have been for a while now.

  4. Good to hear! I have read that dry eye is a real problem after transplants and started freaking out that this would last. At my second appointment Dr. Holland said it would go away but it just makes me feel better to hear it from someone else that has had same procedure. I’ll hang in there and stay away from researching on the internet till I see Dr. Holland. I’ll post what he says. Thanks again Scott. Leslie

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