Trying Different RGPs – My lens tolerance is only a few hours.

Well, as usual, this is going to take some trial and error!

I have tried three different RGPs (Essilor Perimeter Lens) and cannot tolerate any of them – the mini-scleral was pushing a “grove” into my sclera – apparently my eye was swelling around it?

I can wear them 7-8 hours, but my eye is very sore afterward.    I am now going to be trying a custom-profiled soft lens.  The manufacturer apparently uses my topography to construct them.  I was hoping I could use a soft lens, so we’ll soon know.

Koffler Vision Group is doing a great job.

photo:  Lee J Haywood

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3 Replies to “Trying Different RGPs – My lens tolerance is only a few hours.”

  1. Hi Scott,
    Just wanted to ask a question. I finally scheduled my surgery date with Dr. Holland for July 9th. He asked if I wanted to be awake or asleep. He said most people are awake if they can stay still for a period of time. I said I would stay awake. What did you do? Any comments. Thanks Leslie

    1. Leslie – sorry, not sure how I missed your question. Anyway, I chose to be awake – as you may have read in my early post-surgery posts. I found it fascinating and mostly comfortable. I liked listening to the Dr. give instructions. I was not really that awake – more like twilight sleep. But I can remember most of the surgery. At the end, during sutures, I felt pain and was able to signal to Dr. Holland – and the “pain guy” cranked things up. All better. Mostly what I did was moan. My eye was immobile, but near the end that wore off (on purpose) and Dr. Holland asked me to move my eye around – I guess to look at things.

  2. Hi Scott, I’ve had 2 transplants – 1 in 1978 or 9 (left eye) and 1 20 years later (right eye). First 1 had general anaesthetic and was in hospital for 10 (TEN) days. The surgeon didn’t like the quality of the first transplant material, so I went through premed twice. off work for several weeks. 2nd one, was day surgery, anaesthetic was local. Off work for about a week. I particularly remember the surgeon’s mobile phone ringing while I was under the knife, and the sight of the scalpel descending on my eye. Didn’t feel a thing.

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