Lens Difficulties (New lens ordered with different edge profile.)

Well, my first post-graft contact lens is wonderful, but I think the fit needs adjusted.

The insertion and vision have been just fine, but I’ve been having difficulties with removing the lens.  I’m competent with mini-Sclerals but this one seems too tight.  It’s nerve wracking to pull a “stuck” lens off a grafted cornea with a plunger.  I have this nighmare image that I’ll rip the graft off (I know, probably impossible.)

But this lens is too tight, so I’m going back to discuss it with the fitter.

Still thrilled!

Postscript:   Another great appointment at Koffler Vision… New lens with slightly different edge “roll” was ordered.  Also we looked at my topography to decide where it best for me to apply the plunger to remove the lens (cool use of technology!) … the traditional 6-oclock position may not be best for me – 4-oclock looks like a flat area I can use.   Will post again if I have new news!

Allergy News:  My eye has been getting red – allergies I’m pretty sure.  It’s not “rejection-red” but just red around the edges.  Any corneal transplant recipient will be hyper-vigilant about redness, so this causes some anxiety.  The best thing to do is just take some Zyrtec and check again in a day.    I’m now taking Zyertec daily again.



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2 Replies to “Lens Difficulties (New lens ordered with different edge profile.)”

  1. Yeah if you are trying to fish that baby out longer than a minute or two that’s not good. Knew my keratoconus had advanced when the contact was stuck and sucked onto lens! Tomorrow is transplant day! Thank you for this blog!

    1. Well, in my case the issue is that the front of my eye is too flat! Before it was too steep. Hoping to find the “godilocks” lens. GOOD LUCK with your transplant! REMEMBER – the first few days are rough but you get through it. I’ve heard this from quite a few people. Just get good pain meds and pampered if you can!

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