11 Month Checkup – Graft Clear, Pressure Down – “Go” for Contact Fitting

Had a good appointment with Dr. Holland today.  Especially amazing was the clarity I got on the vision test.  We went through the usual blur-blur-blur series as the technician flipped lenses and asked “now?”.. “now?”…”now?”   Here we go again… but then, almost startlingly, she flipped a lens and the eye chart snapped into focus.  “Whoa!” I said.  “Ah, we found the sweet spot” she said.  In 15 years I’ve never seen so clearly through that eye and any correction device.  It was almost overwhelming.

Dr. Holland examined the graft and said it was completely clear and that my eye pressure was down.  I’m reducing the pressure medicines to once daily, and staying off the steroids.  I’m reminded that I am at the peak rejection period for my graft (many, including me, thought that the rejection period peaks right after surgery, but it doesn’t.)

I have bad nearsightedness, even with the astigmatism getting resolved, so vision correction will be part of this plan.  It’s time you could get fitted for a RGP lens….   that scares me.  I have this graft which I have been treating like a delicate piece of crystal.. and now I’m to put a lens on it?   I’ll have to get over this.  Will schedule my fitting in the next couple of weeks.   There is still a possbility that I’ll go with PRK if recommended.

No sutures out this time – and the ones in there now may remain a while.

Next Appt, early Spring.

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3 Replies to “11 Month Checkup – Graft Clear, Pressure Down – “Go” for Contact Fitting”

  1. Hey,

    When you safe corrected vision, are you referring to only looking through the lens machine at the doctors office? Do you wear glasses to correct your vision to 20/30?

    Not sure on how you reference 20/30 corrected in earlier posts but now say you might need a RGP.

    Thanks for sharing all your experiences. I’m in NY and have KC and as it gets worse, considering making an appointment with a doctor who has done many cornea transplants.

    1. I’m referring to what the Dr. told me, so it is referring to data they gathered from the eye testing equipment. I don’t have more detail than that, really. I’ll know soon enough, plan to have an appt for contacts in a week or so. Thanks for reading

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