Allergy Season, Ughhh!



The eyes are itching something awful right now.    I think the Restasis is helping my grafted eye stay less itchy than my ungrafted one.  Eye rubbing has been partially implicated as a cause for Keratoconus, so those of us who suffer with allergies must remain vigilant – possibly even wearing glasses as a reminder – to avoid rubbing the eyes.   Lucky for me, it happens only a couple of times per year for 2-3 weeks.

The view from my iPhone allergy system:


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6 Replies to “Allergy Season, Ughhh!”

  1. Just a quickie, I know its in your blog somewhere, but what lenses, if any, are you wearing on the new cornea? Got my op on 11th Oct 2011 – Appreciate your time, good luck!!! –
    Nige (UK)

    1. None on the grafted eye. I was given the option, but there was some risk in manipulating the wound-area of the cornea. I opted to wait. For me, my single corrected eye along with my rapidly improving grafted eye are vastly better than what I’d had for past 10 years. So to me, I see very well. After all sutures are out, I may opt for RK corrective surgery on the grafted eye to remove needs for any corrective lens, and the risks they entail – it all depends on Dr. opinion.

  2. Hi Scott – appreciate your time – sounds good, I have been reading many of these blogs, most seem to speak of wearing a lens on the grafted eye, even if just for protection, hence my question.

    Your current situation sounds perfect, hope I can get by by doing the same, I just want to be able to drive as soon as I can after the Op…. but so long as it heals and gives good vision I will be happy enough.

    Thanks again – Nige

  3. Scott dont have rk I had it 18 years ago and had to have a transplant . Now I need one in the other eye. I also used restasis in my grafted eye I kept getting subconjunctvial hemorages untill i stopped using it and it also orritated my eye.

    1. Sharon, very sorry you had difficulty.. 18 years is a long time for RK procedures, equipment and research to advance. Everything is different now. I’ll definitely go with my Dr.’s advice at the end.

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