NPR Covers Keratoconus

National Public Radio gives Keratoconus some much-needed publicity today in the US.  Sadly, they didn’t mention some of the most important points of the disease, such as DALK vs. PK, advances in contact lenses, or encouragement of organ donation.  Still, it’s great to have such a big increase in awareness.

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3 Replies to “NPR Covers Keratoconus”

  1. Hello Scott,
    I just wanted you to know that I love reading your blog. I had the same surgery a couple month after yours and it’s nice to have something to relate to. The similarities of or surgeries is uncanny.
    At my one month I was also told I was healing faster then expected. I also was diagnosed as a steroid responder and was taken off of durezol and given fluorometholone. I am one month and one week and seeing 20/80 (however I’m seeing double) 🙂
    I hope all is well with your eye pressure now!!!

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