Allergies and Some Discomfort, But Overall Strongly Positive!

Protective lenses for bike commuting

Okay, so I have my next follow up visit in 10 days, but thought I’d post a quick update with a few observations.

First, overall things are great.  I am very pleased with the outcome.   I am able to drive at night without even thinking about it.  We’ve had lots of rain in KY lately, and I’m fine driving at night in the rain.  Amazing.   The vision alternates daily but never gets anywhere close to as bad as it was pre-surgery.

I’ve had some allergies lately, and they seem to be causing some discomfort in the DALK eye.   My daily Zyrtec doesn’t seem to be enough to completely fix the problem.  I have no added redness or vision changes, so I have little concern about it.  I also may have a suture that’s grumpy.    The Restasis makes me itch quite a bit – but I’m forcing myself to use it.   I’m still not mowing grass or doing garden work.  I’ve been paying someone to handle it.

TIP: When you have surgery, ask your Dr. for one of the physician samples of whatever steroid drop you’re using.  It’s nice for carrying around in a purse or briefcase in case you leave the bottle at home.  Yes you will.

So I’ll update again on the 26th or 27th after my visit to Dr. Holland.

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  1. I’m intrigued to know about those glasses? Since my DALK I’ll never leave the house without a pair. But there all relatively cheap ones built more for design than protective purposes. Where did you get those pair from? Is there a specific type that I should look out for and access via the web. I come from a country called Wales in the United Kingdom. Things are little different over here when it comes to the health service. I might be able to get special protective shades prescribed but will I have to mention this to my surgeon next time i meet up with him.

    This is a great document of your time during DALK and recovery after it. A lot of it I could directly relate too.

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