Changes in Focus – DALK Corneal Transplant Update

Lexington is full of these horses - all sorts of themes - done by artists. I'd not really noticed how many before... now I take a good long look at the incredible detail.

I really never realized how much discomfort that my Keratoconus caused me – especially when it came to daily activities, routines, etc.   I am thrilled with the way things are going.   The drops are a hassle and so is the nightime shield, but every day is better.    Things get itchy a couple of times daily, but that might just be due to Springtime in Kentucky rather than the sutures, etc.  No pain, no redness.  I am getting anxious to get a new prescription, but I know this would be wasteful as my vision fluctuates.  I realize also that I am going to need reading glasses – more related to my age than my eyes.

The real risk I guess is that I’m constantly forgetting I had the graft – I must remind myself to wear the shield at night and to use the drops – I use my iPhone to remind myself (and my wife helps.)  My eye used to be the focal point of each day – now it just focuses on life for me.

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