A Roller Coaster Ride – But Improving

My pirate patch
My pirate patch

Well yesterday and last night have been rough. My 20/50 pinhole eyechart performance was encouraging, but now the vision is all milky again and the swelling itches worse than anything. Took benadryl to sleep.

Naturally, I worry about rejection, but I only have the milky vision this morning, which is only one symptom. Not the intense pain, extreme light sensitivity, or mayor redness which are also hallmarks of rejection. Also, Dr Holland has told me rejection with compliant patients is very rare. Still, I’m a worrier.

The culprit may be this “bandage” contact lens, which is bunching up on the front if my eye. Anyway, as I write this, waiting in call back from Dr Holland’s office.


Dr. Holland’s office seems to think it’s the bandage contacts lens that’s accumulating debris underneath that causing the fogginess.  Re-assured.   Wearing my pirate patch today.

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