Pre-Op Activity, Weekend Stuff

Somewhat boring entry today…I had conversations with two staff at CEI Thursday, received directions and instructions for surgery day.   Also filled one of my prescriptions at the pharmacy, and blocked out my work calendar.  My office-mates and friends have been offering support and curiosity about what’s happening.

I can’t eat or drink after midnight on Tuesday night, and I need to wear a button-down, short-sleeve shirt to facilitate various wires and tubes.  I will take out my semi-Scleral lens for the last time upon arrival Wednesday AM.   I will call the pharmacy tomorrow afternoon to be sure they received prescriptions from CEI.

Both CEI staff asked me if it was the “left eye” that was being worked on.  I told them it was not a confidence inspiring question, and I might mark my left eye with a “THIS ONE->”  before I go in.  Hilarity all-around.

I sent a message to the staff today asking if they would be capturing video or photographs from the procedure.  If they do, I’ll share them with you in my diary entries.

I think my next post will be Wednesday morning.

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