Keratoconus can make the cornea ultra-sensitive

Cornea PainYesterday, I had a bad “removal” event with my lens.

When taking out my semi-sclarel lens, something didn’t go right.  Either I didn’t pre-lube it enough or just had a bad angle.  The removal does something to the nerve endings of the cornea and “whap” – pain!    I can pretty much count on it hurting for 12 hours, so took Benadryl to sleep last night (knocks me out.)

I hope that this will not be the case after the new cornea is healed.   It’s unpredictable.  I had to cancel meetings at work today because I get these stabbing stinging pain out of nowhere – and makes me look like a turets syndrome patient as I flinch and curse.

I wish there was some kind of anesthetic drops that wouldn’t dissolve my cornea even more, but for now, it’s going to have to be Tylenol.  Perhaps my cornea is protesting it’s last few weeks?

Image: “Pain” by iprozac on Flickr

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