Surgery Countdown – Less than 3 weeks

"19" by Lincolnian on FlickrWell, as the days tick by, I’m becoming more acutely aware of my forthcoming date with Dr. Holland.  I’ve began to plan things a bit for those 2-3 weeks after the surgery when I’m certain not to be at my best.

  • getting a physical.
  • informing clients of my absence.
  • scaling down work schedule for the period.
  • scheduling time to have work done on my commuter bike (since I won’t be able to ride for 20-30 days.)
  • getting as many “heavy lifting” tasks done as I can before hand.
  • looking around for some clear glasses I can use to protect my eyes.

My KC eye has been awful at night lately… not so bad during the day.   At night, it’s constantly dry – I am awakened 3-4+ times nightly, and pour lubricant into them.   Sleep deprivation has caught up with me – I nearly fell asleep in a meeting, and the double espressos are not enough.  I wonder how I’ll sleep after the surgery?

I’m having more migraine also – which may or may not be sourced to the KC vision/strain.  Thank goodness for Imitrex.  I just read the really amazing story about Serene Branson’s on-air voice problem during the Superbowl… it turns out it was migraine-aura related, not a stroke.  I wonder if this will raise awareness of migraine and its debilitating effects.

Have been thinking about how the brain reacts to poor vision in one eye, and how it might re-learn to use that eye after surgery.  Heard an interview on NPR about how our senses are mapped onto the brain.  Quite interesting.   I wonder how KC patients’ brains re-map themselves before and after cornea surgery?


photo: “19” by Lincolnian on Flickr

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