Keratoconus’ Effect On Life #1

As I look down my Facebook events a moment ago, I see the following:

Not attending
Not attending
Not attending
Not attending

Almost imperceptively, Keratoconus has given me an impulsive “can’t go” reaction to everything that happens after 8PM.   I know my eyes will be hurting and dry by then, and will want to stay home.

I even project this onto others… “You can’t possibly do that drive in a single day!” I’ll say.  The reality is that I’ve simply forgotten that it is possible to remain active for longer than 10 hours.

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  1. This is the most upsetting thing about Keratoconus for me, it has made me a lot less out-going and I rarely have nights out with my friends because I know my lenses will cause me trouble and result in me taking them out. Then I can’t see. The worst thing is my friends and family can get irritated with me because I mention that I will leave early or can’t go, I don’t think they understand that I’m not completely blind or disabled but the second the lenses need to come out then I can’t see(see detail; .people’s facial expressions etc)/Can’t join in/Have to go home, and when I do socialise after my lenses are taken out. I get “not got your lenses in? hahaha” because I have my mobile phone right upto my nose. etc etc.

    1. I agree with this. I’ve been told “just wear your glasses” when I’ve said I cannot go somewhere. The logic being, if Contacts correct your vision, glasses should do the same – just in a different format.

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