Nerves are Normal When Considering Cornea Transplant

Planning to head up for my second consultation with Dr. Holland tomorrow.  I’m looking for answers to a few more questions, and a bit of reassurance I think.

It’s normal to have ups and downs when considering this procedure.  And it’s normal to experience a whole spectrum of emotions – from sadness, worry and even excitement.

For a while, I felt silly for feeling nervous about the whole corneal transplant thing.  I mean.. it’s an “outpatient” procedure.  But, for most, it’s unlike any other thing that’s happened in one’s life.  Yes… a knife, on your eye.  At first that sounds scary as hell.  But we all must remember that corneal surgeons use a microscope, precision tools and years of practice.  To you, it’s one of the biggest things that has ever happened (especially for younger patients,) but to the physician, it’s rather routine.

I think most cornea doctors realize that this is very important, and my experience has been that they are more than willing to talk with you in depth about it, as many times as you want.  If your doctor seems rushed or doesn’t answer your questions – by all means find another.

I will post my questions, with the answers, later this weekend.

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