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New – DALK Transplant Chronology

Quick post to let you know that I just made a new page which covers the chronology from my first Dr. appt to one year after the surgery.  Same posts, but in chronological order.


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DALK Transplant – One Year On

photo by Celia Clark

March 9th is the anniversary of my DALK transplant in my left eye, the subject of this blog.  I’m posting a bit early as I have a few moments.  As of one year, I am thrilled that I had the surgery – and forever grateful to the donor and their family.  I’m certain that the posts will slow down now unless I have good reason to post – changes, vision, etc. but I want to thank you for being a part of my story.  I will still monitor for comments and do my best to offer a layperson’s response.  When reading the story – try to go back in time and read the older posts first.

I will be returning to Dr. Holland in a month or so, and I think he’ll be asking me if I was fitted for contacts.  Thus far, I have not built the courage to put anything on my grafted eye.  Soon I will.  I am going to get a new glasses prescription first from my regular eye doctor.  It will be amazing to be able to see with glasses, and I’m thinking that will prompt me to move forward with a RGP lens (Dr. Holland’s recommendation.)  I’m in the primary rejection period for DALK – so am extra vigilant for the RSVP symptoms.  So far, all’s well.

One little aside:

Sometimes we all just forget how precious life is.  How precious love is.  My DALK eye has not forgotten how to shed a tear.  I’m sure those tears are a combination of my own and the loved ones of the donor.  Take today and give someone in your life a hug or a thank you.  It’s easy.  Sign your donor card.  That’s easy, too.

I want to thank my wonderful wife Heather for all of her support, both before and after the surgery.  She was my crutch when I was in pain and always was there to give me the support that only a truly caring wife could give.  She was awake with me that night after surgery when I thought everything was going wrong.  We went on a date recently – at night – and I could see her clearly in the dim dinner light.  Candle fumes used to burn like fire.  Not this time.   I drove there and back – dark outside.  The eye didn’t even come into play.  It was just our date.  This is the combined gift of the donor and my good fortune for meeting her.


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