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Outstanding 1 Month Visit – Corneal Transplant Follow Up

I had my one month (and a week) visit to Doctor Holland today and all went very well.   He said my transplant was healing better than most, and my vision continues to improve.  The astigmatism is taking front and center but they said that this will begin to be addressed in my next appointment when a few sutures may be removed.  This is done strategically based on the topology.  Dr. Holland told me this was the reason he uses so many interrupted sutures… it allows for “Suture Roulette” where he can tweak things very precisely while keeping sutures in place to allow healing to continue.

I didn’t get the number, but could see some pretty small letters via pinhole.   Interestingly, I learned that the pinhole is a measure of  “potential” vision or “correctable” vision.  So I have some seriously high hopes!

The only concern was a minor increase in interocular pressure (trend…18 to 20 to 27 mmHg) – both doctors say that this is due to the Durezol steroid (I have been on a high dose) and it was nothing to be alarmed about.  They changed my steroid to Pred Forte – a weaker steroid – to manage this.  I was told that around 8-10% of patients fall into a category “Steroid Responders” – a genetic condition… who have a pressure response to steroids.   I had no inflammation on my eye so the reduction in steroid should not have any downside.  They told me that I was out of the high risk timeframe for “RSVP” type symptoms and that the steroids are there just to prevent any chance of rejection.

I mentioned my itchiness and they said I could take Zyertec for it… but if that didn’t do the trick they’d subscribe an allergy drop.  I don’t like adding variables to the mix if I have a working solution, so don’t plan to ask for the drop unless things get bad.

I was also told I could stop wearing a shield at night if I wanted.

As far as how I feel – It’s great!   I can drive at night and have very, very little pain.  I have no complaints at all and so far I’m very, very glad I had this done.

Back in six weeks!

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Changes in Focus – DALK Corneal Transplant Update

Lexington is full of these horses - all sorts of themes - done by artists. I'd not really noticed how many before... now I take a good long look at the incredible detail.

I really never realized how much discomfort that my Keratoconus caused me – especially when it came to daily activities, routines, etc.   I am thrilled with the way things are going.   The drops are a hassle and so is the nightime shield, but every day is better.    Things get itchy a couple of times daily, but that might just be due to Springtime in Kentucky rather than the sutures, etc.  No pain, no redness.  I am getting anxious to get a new prescription, but I know this would be wasteful as my vision fluctuates.  I realize also that I am going to need reading glasses – more related to my age than my eyes.

The real risk I guess is that I’m constantly forgetting I had the graft – I must remind myself to wear the shield at night and to use the drops – I use my iPhone to remind myself (and my wife helps.)  My eye used to be the focal point of each day – now it just focuses on life for me.

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